Wednesday, 11 April 2012

When random acts of kindness go wrong.

Popped down to the shops the other day to get a few bits and bobs. Couldnt get into any of the free spaces, noticing the abundance of wardens I duly coughed up my 70p, put the sticker in the window and into Sainsburys I went.

20 minutes or so later I am back at the car. As I had paid for the minimum 2 hours parking I passed the ticket to the lovely little old lady who had parked next to me. 

Ooh your so kind she said putting the sticker in her window and wandering off to the shops.

I drove the short drive home with a warm glow because of my random act of kindness. 

Anyway, getting the bags out of the car I noticed a carpark sticker in the window. 

Oh dear

I had given her the wrong ticket.......

So if any of you know a lovely little old lady who is moaning about an aged hippy causing her to get a parking fine...

Tell her I'm sorry.