Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A dogs tail part 2

If you haven't read part one you may want to have a quick look here .

Good news Folks.

After a week or two on strong painkillers and anti informatories we noticed Snapper starting to stand a little as she ate and drank. She was also managing to walk small distances with a strap under her belly to offer a little support.

Back to the vet. Very happy with her progress, stop taking the tablets and see how she goes. Every day seems to see a little improvement.

This is where we are up to at the moment, a short video shot this afternoon in the back garden.

What an improvement! As you can see there is still some lack of coordination in her legs but the strength is there. That is about as far as she can walk unaided but with her belly strap she can manage quite a bit more, and insists on going out every night now!

Theres no certainty that the same thing that caused this first time around will not happen again but till then she is happy as Larry, and if it does at least we have her wheels to fall back on and the knowledge that she is happy to use them.

Chilling to think back to option 2 suggested on the initial visit to the vet.

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