Sunday, 14 August 2011


Last night at Belvoir castle for the fireworks championship, brilliant night.

Took this photo just after we had arrived and got settled, then totally forgot to take any of the fireworks so you will just have to trust me on their brilliance.

As we were leaving for Belvoir at 5pm sent mum upstairs at 3pm to put on "something warm and dry". Fourty minutes later she comes back down in capri pants, sandals and a t shirt. "I have a vest under the shirt"....

Back upstairs. Manage to persuade her to wear something sensible pack another fleece and waterproofs. I know its still summer but in the middle of a field near a lake in Lincolnshire it can get a little nippy and damp as you approach midnight.

Off we go, first call Sewstern to meet the rest of the gang then on to Belvoir. Queues for miles to get in but mum happy talking to the cows and admiring the trees.

As I said, an absolutely stunning show. Still impossible to watch fireworks without oohing and ahhing. Mum on her feet clapping and singing along to pomp and circumstance at one point, thoroughly enjoyable night, even failed to be spoiled by  the most boring commentator in the history of outdoor events and the hour long queue to get out of the carpark.

Hours drive home to the normal conversation of "where are we", "I dont know this place", "when will we be home", "who were those people" etc. 

All in all a great night for both of us, same again next year? Yes please.

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