Thursday, 10 November 2011

Light to dark.

Funny old day today.

Respite carer from Age concern, Donna takes Mum out for the morning on a Thursday so I treat myself to a lie in. Then out for a walk over the hills to Dingley, trying to shake off some of the extra stones that stopping smoking has piled on. Lovely.

Back in the house and Donna just leaving, she`s been to town with setting off all the musical toys in Wilkinsons, a favourite pastime of Mums, so she`s in good spirits.

Quick cuppa, put the radio on for the Archers and think about a hospital visit to see the nice gentleman. All of a sudden we go from Light Mum to Dark Mum. Now this is something I haven't really touched on here. Its not something that happens often, but its something I think I may have to prepare for being a more common occurrence?

Hard to describe really. Sitting quietly then suddenly almost a physical change, Mum stands and glares not particularly at me, just in my general direction,and a weird torrent of words and gestures starts. Almost like speaking in tongues, the odd word or phrase will make a little sense but in general a string of random phrases and sounds that may once have been words. Maybe ten or fifteen minutes and we start to calm down and try to get to the bottom of it. This time I have genuinely no idea. In the past it has been things as diverse as something on the TV, the weather or more deep rooted problems like the inability to converse but this time? I don`t know. I really don`t know.

Its funny. Just those few minutes can leave you emotionally and physically drained. The thoughts and emotions that fly through your mind. Is it me? Is it aimed at me? What should I be doing to change this? Most of all why has this happened to MY Mum? Once one of the most eloquent people you could have ever met now cannot even tell me why she is so cross.

This may all sound so trivial, maybe I`m not explaining it too well but today has been a hard day. Just thought I`d share that.

On a slightly lighter note Here is a link to the article in the Harborough Mail, and in case you missed it Here is one to the Leicester Mercury article.


  1. Sorry your mom had such an odd occurrence and that it took you by surprise. Thinking of you and your mum, sending hugs across the pond.

  2. Nil desperandum. Stick with it, you are doing a great job.