Thursday, 29 September 2011

Day 10 and 11

Day 10 and 11 Swansea to Dorchester 172 miles

As a means of catching up I will combine two days into one.

Not much to say about the journey to Dorchester boring motorways for most of it. Luckily as we were leaving Wales there was no toll to pay over the Severn. In a bid to make it a little more exciting I used two sat navs and my extensive geographical knowledge of the south west. Least said about the route the better, but we arrive at Damien towers around 16.00

Dick `o th Banks Road.

And no I didnt make that up.

We are here to meet up with old family friends, John, his wife Val and his two sons Dan and Damien. Havent seen them for a long long time. We are expecting more tears.

Damien lives in a fabulous house with his wife Tori and her grandmother who they care for, and their lovely kids Isaac and Mary. We are pitched in the drive for a couple of days.

John and Val come over from Dorchester and Dan from London for the night. Barbecue time. Huge amounts of seared meat  and bread. Proper man food. Hours of reminiscing and old photos. Quite a lot of wine too I think. Real top quality night, hope we dont leave it so long this time.

Awake to Bacon and toast cooked on the aga, then off to Weymouth for the day. Cream teas on top of Portland and a walk round the old artillery emplacements. Amazing views over Chesil Beach and the olympics site.

Back to Damos and out for Dinner.

This visit was probably more about me than Mum. Was so good to see how well Dan and Damo have done for themselves. Both in good jobs with great families, wont go into too much detail here but these two days have been the high spot of the trip for me.

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