Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Day 9

Day 9 Three cliffs Bay Park Swansea.


Mum seems to have mastered the door. Lie in till 9.30. Feels like a holiday now.

Sausage eggs beans and toast, tea, coffee seems like a good start to the day.

Today we have decided to walk down to the beach. After all its only a couple of hundred feet away, as the stone falls. Mum smothered in sun cream and wearing her best cap, Sarah and me resplendent in check shirts,  shorts and walking shoes. You`d never guess we are tourists, we do like to blend in.

The walk down is not too bad, about an hour give or take and mum very proud if a little tired but not too sure that she understands we have to go back up again. Sit on the beach for an hour or so, take some photos of stepping stones and even more wonderful views then its time to return.

Luckily I know a short cut.

The fact that my short cut was about twice as far and three times as steep will not be discussed here.

After bravely battling brambles, sand, rocks and gravity we managed to navigate Mum up a path that has defeated Bear Grylls, Sherpa Tensing and Ranulf Fiennes and back to the caravan.

Fully revived by tea and showers we think we have earned some dinner. King Alfred it is then, where I hope to find a signal and get this uploaded.

Tomorrow we leave early 172 miles to Dorchester to see family friends who we havent seen for many many years, they live in the road with the best name I have ever heard.

Running a little behind. but now I have a decent connection I will post more tomorrow. promise.

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  1. I think we need to amalgamate mothers. Perhaps then mine would eat? Fabulous photos and it sounds as though you are having a good break, so very pleased for you xx