Thursday, 22 September 2011

Day 3

Day 3 Ellesmere Port to Dolgellau 65 miles.

Another odd night last night. Mum pacing up and down the caravan at 4.00 this morning. At each end of the tour stop and touch the wall and then back the other way. As she seemed to be sleep walking thought it best to see if it passed. 20 minutes later managed to steer her back to bed. Back under the covers and fast asleep in a few minutes.

Another hearty breakfast. Only one day of home made bread left, may have to try in the caravan oven unless anyone between Dolgellau and New Quay fancies making us some?

Brief stop at Bala Lake, still as beautiful as I remember, and also still as wet and windy so only a very brief stop.

Dolgellau site was randomly selected on Google Earth so we approach it with a little trepidation....

....even with the gale force winds and clouds its an absolutely wonderful site. Stunning views over the valley to Cadair Idris and no other sign of habitation in any direction.Only us and one other van on site. Very brief chat with the site owner Jasper a man very proud of his campsite,spotless showers and toilets but still surrounded by sheep. Lamb for breakfast then?

As soon as we get some kind of internet there will be some photos. At the Moment we have to send blog posts via pigeon to the English border then by royal mail to the internet in London.

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