Monday, 17 October 2011

The cat`s away...

Mum still away. Last night we listened to music really loud and didnt do the dishes before we went to bed. Anarchy.

Today Sarah has a day off so we will venture out.

First stop Birmingham airport to drop off friends on their way to Spain, the head off to Stratford upon Avon, the home of the Bard.

A visit to Anne Hathaways cottage. First stop Tea rooms for refreshments then over the road to the cottage itself.
Quite a big "cottage" really.

A walk round the gardens first, the newly created Woodland Walk is very attractive and the trees seem very happy to be taking part in the tour.
Happy tree

A quick walk round the cottage garden where we discovered this strange potato pheasant hybrid.

Then onwards to the house itself. It is a day out that I can genuinely recommend. The guides are very knowledgeable and manage to impart the history in an entertaining way without too much dumbing down, yet still pass on some passion about the cottage.

Wont go into too many details of the history of the place but suffice to say parts of it date back to the 14th century, there are still pieces of furniture that date back to Shakespeare's days and the Hathaway family still inhabited the house until the early 1900`s.

They didn`t get round to the new Kitchen that Anne always wanted but the exposed floorboards in the bedroom were a stylish addition to the four poster.

In other news Mums back tomorrow night, hopefully Fabias garden is still intact.

Plans for the website are progressing well, generous offers of help coming in. Think I may have some hosting sorted out so I may actually have something online in a week or so, but don`t hold me to that!

Any ideas for content, hints tips and tricks still most welcome.

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  1. The Hathaway Cottage looks lovely. I want a pheasant potato.
    My garden is still (almost) intact as today we whiled away a happy hour or two looking at haberdashery. Quite absorbing really.
    Mum said she's had a lovely day and secretly so did I.