Saturday, 15 October 2011

A Call for help.

Tomorrow we pack Mum and her two overnight bags up and drive to Kings Lynn. She`s off to Fabias for a couple of days again. Hopefully all sharp objects and garden implements are well hidden.

This gives me a couple of days to work on a little project I have been thinking about for a long time.

I am now the proud owner of and both of which direct you to this blog at the moment. I intend to build an initially small website as a bit of a resource for people caring for dementia sufferers.

There are quite a few sites devoted to this kind of subject already but I would like this to be a little different. I intend to concentrate on the positive side of caring. Hopefully show that taking on the role of full time carer does not need to be a totally bad thing.

Hopefully the first incarnation will have links to carers blogs, a forum and a page or two of editorial supplied by the bloggers who wish to participate.

Any other bloggers/tweeters/facebookers etc in any way interested in trying to get this off the ground please get in touch by email , twitter , facebook or leave a comment on here.

Any help would be much appreciated, design/hosting etc. as its all a bit of a grey area to me.

Watch this space for updates, pleas for assistance etc.


  1. Go for it! Say it straight from the heart and you won't go far wrong.

  2. Hello,
    Any help or advise I can give let me know. I don't know a great deal but i'm always willing to help with what i do know. Dementia is a subject that me and my wife are closly related to.