Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Things are picking up..

Another weekend away!

The evening do for Sarah's niece`s wedding. Fabia up to granny and doggysit so we can stay in St Neots for the night and enjoy ourselves. Cracking do. Lucy looked stunning and Spen didn't scrub up too bad either.

Back home Sunday pm after a huge breakfast at the cafe on Market Square. Best one for miles.

Have noticed that mornings can be a little difficult with Mum at the moment. She has always been an early riser but she seems to be taking longer and longer to get going. Physically she is fine but sometimes the brain doesn't catch up till lunch time. Best to leave her to it as she can be a little tetchy till she gets going.

Note to self: Must clean up after dog in garden immediately EVERY time.

Caught mum picking up after the dog, a job she would quite happily carry out, even having a special trowel kept to one side. Now she has decided its easier tackled by hand. Hands scrubbed with various hand washes before her lunchtime sandwich then. Things like this cannot be explained, she does not see it as a bad thing. Needs to be cleared up, pick it up and put it in a bag.

We spent several months trying to wean Mum off carrying her bag everywhere with her. As I have mentioned before The Bag contains several pens, 3 complete sets of keys, several phone books all containing the same numbers and a huge wad of paper tissues. It seemed that every time she left it anywhere is was causing so much distress that it would be easier for her not to carry it all.

After several weeks of gentle persuasion, subterfuge and downright bullying she became quite happy to know that it was in a safe place in her bedrooom. Now disaster has struck.

New pair of glasses.

Hmmmmm I need somewhere safe to keep those...I know..The Bag. Back to square one.

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  1. Ma has taken to carrying an old tissue box. This contains all sorts of things except tissues. These she prefers to stuff up sleeves, in pockets and down the back of the chair...