Saturday, 22 October 2011

Help still needed..

Mums back from Fabias, did a little gardening while she was there. Under strict instructions and surveillance  Fabia allows a little pruning around the Rose and Buddlea. Turns her back for a second and snip snip snip down go the raspberry bushes. No Jam next year then.

Busy week up and down to the hospital to visit the nice gentleman, think the visits are as good for mum as him. Harborough`s old lady network seems to have mobilised itself to his aid, visiting, washing bringing fruit etc. something that makes me feel good and bad at he same time. There was none of this help forthcoming when mum started showing the first signs of dementia, seems the big C is on the acceptable illness list whereas The big D is not.

For some reason on our hols I decided to grow a beard which has been met with a mixed response, mostly favourable. Over breakfast Mum seemed to be fascinated with it, couldn't take her eyes of it for a good while, till finally telling me "you look like a Jew." Still not too sure how to take this.

In further news the website is coming together slowly but surely. Quite touched by the number of people willing to offer help. Still need bloggers, tweeters and facebookers  etc. whose lives have been touched in any way by dementia and fancy a bit of free promotion for their ramblings. Get in touch on FacebookTwitter or leave a message on here.

Just to clarify a question I have been asked the site is in no way intended as a money making affair, just some where for us to hang out and hopefully raise a little awareness of  Dementia and ways to cope as a carer.

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  1. Jon, my sister and I would love to be included in your website, thanks for asking. You're right, a cancer diagnosis is easier for people to deal with than one of dementia and help is more forthcoming. One of the many reasons why we need to talk about dementia and raise awareness. Best wishes to you and your mum.